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About US
"Welcome to Daisy's Axe Box: a family-owned business that promises a fun, energetic, and caring atmosphere to enjoy the exciting sport of axe throwing! Come join us for a unique and thrilling experience"
--Wix AI

Honestly, I could not have said it better. My name is Todd Coy. My Wife, Brenda Coy, and I started this business with a passion for expressing ourselves without any limits. What better way to express yourself than to hurl a giant sharp blunt object at a dedicated target? Brenda and I did not want your everyday cage-like experience. We love the outdoors! Daisy's axe box offers a unique experience to hurl exotic weapons with some elbow room.  That said, Daisy's Axe Box was brought to life to allow our family and friends the chance to express themselves with no limits!! So, come on, friend. What are you waiting for? Lets #HITTHATSPOT

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