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Axe Throw Waiver and Rules

Thank you for your interest in Daisy's Axe Box!!

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  • Embrace the spirit of the game through strict adherence to all regulations and guidelines.

  • Champion sportsmanship as an unwavering principle, both in triumph and defeat.

  • Stand as guardians of respect, ensuring teammates uphold a standard of decency and fostering an inclusive environment for all participants.

  • Extend a hand of courtesy to adversaries, officials, and spectators alike, treating each with the dignity they deserve.

  • Act as stewards of our arena, maintaining equipment and facilities with the care of seasoned craftsmen.

  • Navigate the terrain of facility rules with precision, honoring not just the boundaries of play, but the sanctity of our surroundings.

  • Reject discrimination in all its forms, upholding the values of equality and inclusion on and off the field.

  • Safeguard the well-being of our community, shunning actions that jeopardize the safety of any soul within our midst.

  • Deny the darkness of live targets, ensuring axes never meet flesh or fur in their flight.

  • Embrace the essence of joy in every toss, for above all else, our mission is to revel in the thrill of the game!

Axe Throwing Agreement & Liability Waiver Warning!

I, [Participant's Name], boldly step into the realm of Daisy’s Axe Box Throwing, acknowledging the exhilarating risks that come with it: from property damage to the ever-looming specter of bodily harm, including the ominous potential of permanent disability or worse. Yet, undaunted, I embrace these perils with open eyes and a firm resolve.

I pledge to absolve Daisy’s Axe Box and its intrepid staff from any and all repercussions that may arise from my daring exploits. Axes, knives, stars – the very tools of our trade – carry with them both the promise of triumph and the shadow of peril. Should misfortune strike, I trust in the capable hands of Daisy’s Axe Box personnel to administer aid, releasing them from any culpability for the twists of fate.

In return for this thrilling odyssey, I accept the responsibility of heeding all safety directives and regulations, recognizing that disregard for such guidelines may lead to an unceremonious end to my participation. And should my equipment suffer the slings and arrows of fortune, I vow to either return it in pristine condition or bear the cost of its replacement.

Furthermore, I indemnify Daisy’s Axe Box, its valiant proprietors, suppliers, and stalwart attendants from any legal entanglements that may ensnare us, shielding them from the vicissitudes of fate and the machinations of litigious foes.

Photo & Video Release: I grant Daisy’s Axe Box the indomitable right to capture my likeness and voice, trusting in their artistic prowess to immortalize my feats for posterity without the burden of compensation.

Participant's Information: [Proceed to appropriate form]

For Participants of Minority Age (under age 18):

As the sage guardian of the participant, I lend my assent to their gallant endeavors, releasing Daisy’s Axe Box from any liability that may arise from their valiant exploits, regardless of the hand that fate deals.

Complete this form, if your over 18, to consent to the rules and waiver

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Minor Form
Parents and Guardians complete this form with your minor after reading the above Waiver and Rules

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